The first wine fair showcasing California’s natural winemakers. Come taste the huge variety of wines and meet the producers at America’s original natural wine bar.

Join us at Terroir Natural Wine Merchant on November 12th and 13th, 2016.


Pouring Saturday:


Pouring Sunday:


AmByth Estate
Amplify Wines
Beaver Creek Vineyards
Broc Cellars
Clos Saron
Coturri Winery
Deux Punx
Elizia Wine
Forlorn Hope Wines
Hardesty Cellars
Harrington Wine
J. Brix Wines
La Clarine Farm
La Onda
Lo-Fi Wines
Los Pilares Wine
Purity Wines
Roark Wine Co.
Sonoma Mountain Winery
Thistle Cellars
Verdad Wines
Vesper Vineyards

Pouring Sunday:

Black Trumpet Wine
Donkey & Goat Winery

Enfield Wine Co.
Frey Vineyards
Halcón Vineyards
Hatton Daniels
Hobo Wine Co.
Holman Cellars
Inconnu Wine
Kirchhoff Wines
Les Lunes & Populis
Methode Sauvage Wine Co.

Neighborhood Vineyards
Old World Winery
Petard Cellars
Ruth Lewandowski Wines
The Scholium Project
Ser Winery
Stirm Wine Co.
Two Shepherds
Unti Vineyards
Unturned Stone Productions
Vinca Minor

We’re having seminars the mornings of Califermentation that are open to the first 25 people who arrive and have already purchased a ticket to the fair. The price to attend the seminars is $10 cash at the door.

Saturday, November 12, 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
SO2: Friend or Foe, the pros, cons and disagreement of using SO2, with Tony Coturri, Phillip Hart of AmByth and Matthew Rorick of Forlorn Hope.

Sunday, November 13, 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
The Challenges of Sourcing Organic Grapes in California, with Tracey Brandt from Donkey & Goat, Noel Diaz of Purity Wine and Martha Stoumen of Elizia.

Last year’s event was such an amazing success that we’ve decided to spread it out and make it a two day tasting this year. We’ll have at least 20 producers each day and are extending the hours to 12 – 4 so it won’t be as snug. We’ve also opened it up to all natural wine producers in California, not just the rising stars and under the radar stalwarts.

We’re using the same criteria as last year:

– No chemicals in the vineyard. Sustainable is not good enough; the fruit has to be organically farmed. However, we realize that some of the most conscientious growers are not certified and we’re ok with that so long as we’ve been able to verify the growing practices.

– Native yeast fermentations only.

– No additions other than up to 50 ppm of SO2. This means no enzymes or nutrients.

About Califermentation

Califermentation came out of a series of conversations we’ve had with a number of people over the last few years about the dramatic improvement of California wine. We attribute this to emergence of natural wine practices by up and coming producers as well as the recognition of those who’ve stuck to their guns and never gave into conventional winemaking. Having been to natural wine fairs in Europe we thought the time had come to have one in San Francisco, featuring California wine. That is how Califermentation was born.

While we’re the ones organizing it, we realize that it is all about the producers. Making wine is a labor of love. Making wine naturally is like going into labor…or so it seems. Our appreciation for the work that they do is beyond measure.

Brought to you by The Vinguard and Winelandia.